Bathroom remodel

Your bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in your home and should receive top priority when planning a bathroom remodeling project. Grand Rapids bathroom remodeling company, Accessible Home Design, takes pride in producing quality custom bathrooms that not only look amazing, but function properly as well.

As a Grand Rapids bathroom contractor, we go through the proper steps to ensure your bathroom remodeling investment turns out with the professional result you deserve. From simple tub and tile upgrades to full bathroom remodels, our competitive pricing and quality craftsmanship is hard to beat.

Taking the time to locate the ideal Grand Rapids bathroom remodeling contractor for is a crucial step to a successful and long-lasting end result for your home! Whether your bathroom remodel job is large or small, from simple to sophisticated, Accessible Home Design can put it all together. If quality, unique bathroom design, and lasting value by a qualified Grand Rapids Remodeler is important to you.

Bathroom Remodeling Return on Investment

A Bathroom remodeling project, should be well planned and professionally executed. Anyone planning a bathroom remodeling project will enjoy a significant return on investment if selling, typically around a 60% return on their investment or the reward of a eye appealing, multi functional space that provides relaxing private room in a well-loved home.

Our Accessible Home Design contractors are able to seamlessly work with any small or large remodeling project, providing our clients with optimum results and teamwork throughout the design and remodel process. We work with customers anywhere in Greater Grand Rapids Michigan.

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