Mother in law suites

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, multi-generational households have become more and more prevalent in the United States, having risen nearly 30% between 2000 and 2019. Things such as lost retirement nest eggs, longer lifespans, and the cost of assisted living have all contributed to this rise in shared-living.

More and more, homeowners are opting for converting their houses into multi-generational homes for themselves, their children, and their aging parents. If you’re in a situation where you’re thinking about welcoming parents or in-laws into your home, here are three options for adding an in-law suite.

Convert a garage or basement into a living space.

Converting an existing garage or unfinished basement into a living space can be more practical and cost effective than adding on an addition to your home. Since most of the framework (foundation, walls, roof, etc.) is already in place, this option creates a solution without altering the exterior aesthetics of the home.

Adding new rooms in an addition.

In many cases, adding on addition to accommodate the living space for aging parents can provide just the right balance of privacy, while still fostering interaction between everyone in the home. Most families who decide on the multi-generational living situation don’t really want a separate existence, and often times the in-law suite is for a family member who has accessibility needs and requires lots of attention.


Building a stand-alone structure.

Building an auxiliary structure on your property is the least cost-effective method of adding an in-law suite, primarily because nothing is shared. Insulation, exterior walls, foundation, plumbing, and electrical all must be set up separately from the existing home to support the new living space.

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